London - 16 Days

The Naked Grouse Activation at Dram & Smoke 2015

A 16 day activation for The Naked Grouse held in London within a unique and amazing location - an industrial Printing Warehouse near London Bridge. This experiential dining experience partnership was delivered to meet key objectives set by The Naked Grouse. Dram & Smoke created a 5-course, Scottish Tasting menu incorporating The Naked Grouse into their menu design and even into their pudding ingredients! The spirit sponsorship set out to champion the Dram & Smoke offering by adding The Naked Grouse brand personality and amazing whisky cocktails into the mix. During the event over 1,400 diners enjoyed this fantastic experience, serving over 800 key Naked Grouse serves.

YOURgb Responsibilities: 

  • Sponsor concept design, research, delivery
  • Social media engagement and planning
  • Management and liaison of sponsored partner
  • Theming and interior design for TNG
  • Brand positioning, sponsorship terms negotiation and agreement
  • Draught cocktail creation
  • Brand placement
  • Brand team engagement and VIP guest experience fulfilment
  • Content collection and for social & PR
  • Event set-up and de-rigg of branding and TNG theming

The partnership for of The Naked Grouse and Dram & Smoke was perfect. YOURgb managed the process from the initial strategy suggestion, client approach and negotiations, to full on-site brand experience and event management. The event was such a success we will be going ahead with it next year!