Glasgow - 1 Week

Sponsor Launch Operations ‘The SSE Hydro’ - Energy Company

Operations management for on-site sponsor activations involving 100 people for the opening week of The SSE Hydro, Glasgow.

@YOURgb responsibilities:

  • Organisation and alignment all third party agencies for key sponsor on the run up to and on-site for their opening activations
  • Full health & safety management 
  • Collation & distribution of RAMS, operational documents, emergency procedures
  • Staff inventory and on-site scheduling
  • Writing and producing the board member daily update overview and press coverage listings
  • Central on-site point for radio comms and escalation planning involving PR and Board response
  • On-site AV and technical support
  • Hospitality liaison and guest guide support and management

Gilly is very experienced with event and operational work and her help ensured we had the correct support procedures in place. Vics and Caroline were absolutely excellent. Thank you.

Mr Booth, Venue Manager