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3 November 2015

Adam & Saz monkeying around Edinburgh Zoo!

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One of my all time favourite site visits, not only for the brilliant surprise of the Mansion House but also the fact that…well…it’s Edinburgh Zoo! There is a huge sense of excitement I think everyone feels when taking a trip to the Zoo, no matter your age, and it was certainly no exception on this occasion.

Sarah and I parked up and eagerly jumped out the car before walking through the incredibly colourful entrance into the Zoo (which contains the rather large and exciting gift shop – anyone for a cuddly toy seal?!). As we walked into the Zoo we felt our inner child come out to play hearing the monkeys, otters and squawking birds – we needed to find the lions!

We briskly walked up to the Mansion House where Joanne McCartney welcomed us and was on hand to show us the extent of what this brilliant venue had to offer. Firstly, Mansion House is stunning estate in the centre of Edinburgh Zoo, surrounded by impeccable lawns and several turrets - the lawns provide a perfect setting for a summer BBQ or team building activity. All the rooms are individually decorated, creating different moods and environments, fully catered with beautiful views over Edinburgh to impress all your guests (they throw in some small animal gestures like animal facemasks too!)

Out of the Mansion House, we headed to my favourite venue at the Zoo - The Budongo Trail. Also known as the Chimpanzee House, but with a twist. It hosts an amazing 180 capacity lecture theatre and a boardroom, both with a glass screen providing the perfect view of the chimpanzees – it isn’t every day you’re hosting a board meeting while chimps enjoy their bananas! Such a great facility being able to have your meetings with animals…truly a memorable experience, one that can’t be found at any other venue!

From land to sea, our final stop on this site visit was the penguin enclosure - if you are really looking for a different backdrop to your cocktail evening then look no further! Why not enjoy a glass of champagne whilst you have a brief talk about the penguins and watch them swim and play – a great talking point and ice breaker from your guests – everyone loves a penguin selfie too, a fantastic concept!

We could have stayed all day, but with the office calling, it was time to say goodbye to the animals. It goes without saying, that if you are looking for somewhere a little different but with that edge, one way to make your guests excited is heading to the Zoo! A fantastic day out!