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11 November 2015

Cocktails in OUR City!

The YOURgb team were thoroughly looking forward to their Thursday night at Cocktails in the City for two reasons; firstly we were invited to try all of Edinburgh’s newest and best cocktails (in the city!), and it was also the opportunity to visit the amazing venue, Mansfield Traquair!

Mansfield Traquair is spectacular! Based in the heart of Edinburgh, with a blend of historic architecture and modern design, it really offers a perfect platform to host a variety of events! As we walked into the grand space, we were immediately drawn to the painted arched ceiling, simply stunning! There was an amazing buzz at the event, with great music, and you could really feel the hustle and bustle in the atmosphere of all the eager attendees busying to see what was hot in the Edinburgh cocktail bar scene.

On arrival we were presented with a booklet for the night, detailing all of the bars that were exhibiting, along with two tokens so we could enjoy some of the drinks they had on offer. It was a really fun and welcoming environment, with an array of Edinburgh’s local bar industry to talk to.

Fourteen of Edinburgh’s hottest bars were showcasing their finest cocktails, including Treacle, The Jolly Botanist and Harvey Nichols, as well as intimate and interactive tasting sessions, and talks from industry experts. We were really excited to see what the independent bars had on offer, including quirky giveaways and flaming cocktails!

A few things we particularly enjoyed were Treacle’s Chambord cocktail, served in mini Chambord bottles, which were yours to keep! Whistle Stop Barber Shop was also a stand out, tying up with Cheynes salon - Saz was delighted to have her hair done!

Our favourite drink though was, ‘The Dunnet Fling,’ superbly made by the 56 North mixologists, made with Rock Rose Gin, Grand Marnier, Maraschino, Blood Orange and Lemon with a rosemary sprig, it definitely helped us enjoy our night!

The look and feel the bars were going for certainly matched the inspired venue, a cool, quirky, cavernous space - a unique and beautiful place, a perfect venue for formal dinners to weddings and quirky evenings like this!

This year, Cocktails in the City was spread over two nights and it really had everything; from an alcoholic ice cream vending machine to having your haircut whilst enjoying an espresso martini – what more could you ask for?!

As a venue we would highly recommend Mansfield Traquair, and as a night out, we only wish Cocktails in the City was on every week!