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20 November 2015

The YOURgb Team go underground at The Caves!

The Caves is a beautifully hidden venue, situated in the Grassmarket, it makes up the sub-structure and hollow arches of the 18th Century South Bridge in Edinburgh. It is slightly off the beaten track, which only adds to the mystery and intrigue of the venue, and offers an amazing platform to host club nights, gigs and private parties.

Every room has a story to tell; from vaults that served as the stables to the French Cavalry who were at one time body guards to the Royal Family, to remains of the houses that pre-date the Bridge itself. After over 100 years of being lost, the hidden vaults were rediscovered and restored.

It is clear to see why this is such a sought-after venue as we enter through the wooden door, sunken in the bricked wall; there is a convenient cloakroom situated on the right before we head up the industrial spiral staircase to the Gentlemen’s Lounge.

The Gentleman’s Lounge is a beautifully set out room with a quirky ambiance. The stonework walls and wooden furniture provide, oddly, a warm and inviting atmosphere, and hosts a bar and even a secret area called the ‘cows room’ with a large industrial metal door which can be cordoned off if you wish. There are nooks and crannies all over The Caves, which make it a really intriguing space for events. The Gentlemen’s Lounge leads on to the balcony, which overlooks the main vault. The balcony’s low, arched stone ceiling looks fantastic with uplighters and candle decoration, showing off the space in the best possible way. It is has draping fairy lights over the banister which really adds to the stunning aspect of the space; a great teaser for guests as they are able to view the vault beneath which has been eagerly prepared for them.

Off the balcony you’ll find ‘the snug’; a hidden, stoned area, with LED uplighting creating a cosy yet mysterious area of the venue – this is a great opportunity to create a pop up bar or facility to give your event that additional feature.

From the snug you can take the industrial staircase down, where you feel a surge of excitement as you walk into the hidden cave beneath Edinburgh. Leading into the spectacular space of the main vault, the simple yet effective uplighting scaling the length of the walls and candlelight creates a brilliant atmosphere and the unique stonewalls provide your guests with an unforgettable surrounding. The Monteith Bar is positioned on the lower ground so you can cater easily for your guests when using the main vault.

Our favourite feature of the caves was the little piece of history in the Foundation Room. This room was left completely untouched and there is a locked gate on the entranceway, which really adds intrigue – it can work as a perfect space for performers, and guests can also view this room from the snug above - it simply provides another unique feature to this brilliant venue.

All in all if you are looking for something a little different, slightly quirky but need to keep the quality of your event at the highest level, then I cannot recommend the caves more. It is truly a jaw-dropping experience; one which will impress all your guests and keep them talking long after the event!