David Whitmey

Musical Director & Act Manager

Gilly's take on David

David is a musical director, writer and producer who has worked with YOURgb for over four years helping to deliver our music centric events. He began his career in touring, his credits include Mika, The Wanted, The Saturdays, Westlife and The Sugababes among many others. In the studio David has worked with a host of international names including Take That, KT Tunstall, 10CC and countless hit producers and writers.

He is a positive force of nature, that has a sound understanding of event design and the impact music has on events and their energy. David has a flair for being able to manage even the most troublesome of acts, and he is the king of smooth stage set up and scene changes. He is a passionate and kind music professional with a wealth of industry knowledge.

David, why event management?

I spent the last seventeen years working in the music industry with lots of different hats on - musician, musical director, writer, producer and management. It was purely by accident that you suddenly find yourself with hundreds of contacts and phone numbers and in a position to put together truly exceptional line ups for clients. 

What's it like working with you?

Hopefully chilled and easy!? I'm not a 9-5 guy though so I'm always thinking and prepared to work around the clock! 

Where have you come from?

I began my career playing keyboards on tours and tv for artists The Wanted, Take That, The Saturdays and Mika. Since then I've become more involved at a managerial level with record labels and my production companies.  My passion these days is finding talent north of the border and helping them to realise their ambitions. We worked with over 150 acts last year and have access to the cream of the Scottish music scene.

When you're not managing events?

Ok this is boring! When I'm not managing events I'm either playing, producing, writing or thinking about....music. Told you! I'm also building a coffee shop right now. Music themed of course!