Gilly Anderson

Founder & Director

What is the history of the brand?

Gilly created YOURgb EVENTS in March 2011 so that she could revitalise event strategy, design and management. Gilly has placed the company focus on being completely dedicated to our clients, passionate about what we do, creative in our thought processes and professional in our approach. 

YOURgb specialise in event strategy, concept design, project management and on-site delivery. We work with a variety of clients from an eclectic range of industries and we deliver their unique events throughout the UK and abroad. We can amplify the work we do for public facing events by delivering awareness raising campaigns through integrating event PR, social media management, comms writing, ATL content and client brand plans into our event design.

We genuinely care and take great pride in the work we do and we recognise the impact events can have. We understand the importance of the relationships required to create outstanding events and we collaborate to surpass event expectations. The events we create are each unique, and with that each require measurable objectives to monitor success and justify client investment. YOURgb operates with ambition and empathy in equal measure. We are proud to be a ‘Business for Good’ that gives back through the events that we create through the B1G1 scheme. 

Why event management?

I see every event as a bouncy ball. When you throw a ball onto the ground, the point of impact is (to me) the event itself taking place. It's that split second of impact, the momentary connection between the ball and the ground, that determines how high that ball will travel. You have one chance, one moment with your audience to get it absolutely right - it's exciting. It is the success of that impact that will determine how far the event and its message will travel - how high it will reach. Our job is to think creatively and strategically about how high we can possibly make the ball bounce. The process, research and creativity behind scoping out and identifying these opportunities excites me, it is a passion of mine and it's the reason I do what I do. I love to make events bounce.

What's it like working with you?

As far as I can tell, it's easy! I pride myself on ensuring that I am honest, straightforward and realistic with our clients. Although I am passionate about creativity and strive to maintain a fresh approach to event design, I'm careful to pitch what can realistically be achieved within the budgets we are given. I am also told that working with me is enjoyable, this mainly comes down to the fact that I love what I do and my enthusiasm has a tendancy to rub off on the people I work with.

Where have you come from?

During my BA in Performance Art and then a Masters in Acting for Stage and Screen I discovered my passion for events through my work in set and stage design, theatre programming, logistics, AV, stage management, team communications, rehearsal management and audience engagement concept design and delivery. I started my career in events working within Scottish Widows and then Strutt and Parker where I assisted with internal events. I went on to work in a brilliant event agency based in Edinburgh where the events spanned most industries and took me all over the world. After around five years I moved to London and began freelancing, and a year after that I created YOURgb EVENTS.

When you're not managing events?

I love going to the theatre, reading, lovely restaurants, watching stand up comedy, watching films, spending time with my crazy family and wonderful friends. I also rather enjoy a nice glass of wine (or two).