Jonty Bredin

Event Planner & Graphic Designer

Gilly's take on Jonty

Jonty is a creative and detailed event planner and graphic designer. He has a natural ability to connect with the consumer through design and implementation and always strives for perfection through his keen eye for detail. Jonty has a confident and warm approach with our clients and suppliers and always goes the extra mile for them and his colleagues.

Jonty’s experience in animation and graphic design allows us to take an event and create it as if it were its own brand. His understanding of brand guidelines and brand personalities enriches his event design and exceptional on-site management style.

He is a creative thinker with an ability to see past the paper and into the live event, ensuring the process is aligned from design to implementation. 

Jonty, why event management?

I am enthusiastic, and love working with people. It is important for me to work in a field where I can draw on my creative talents and put them into good use.

What's it like working with you?

I'm a hard worker, a great listener, and very approachable. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about what I do, and will always try and achieve the best results possible.

Where have you come from?

My background is very design orientated, having just finished studying Animation and Graphic Design at Northumbria university in Newcastle. I took part in lots of extra curricular activities, whether it be playing sport or organising various charity events, which I loved.

When you're not managing events?

I love sport, so generally I'll be either taking part or spectating, whichever sport it may be. I also just like to socialise with friends and be around people.