Katie Scobie

Event Producer

Gilly's take on Katie

Katie is a dynamic, confident and focused individual who thrives on exceeding expectations and being challenged. With extensive industry experience in event design, management and marketing, she brings further strength to our eclectic team. Katie has worked all over the world.

Her experience includes heading up an international marketing campaign for a prominent distillery, with integrated successful large scale events delivered in the UK and Australia. Katie is a brilliant team player whilst being a natural born leader. Both creative and logistically minded, she is equipped to design large scale events that look perfect, reach objectives, and run like clockwork. 

Katie, why event management?

I love planning events and parties, my friends and family will tell you I'm always thinking of the next one I can organise. Having an event totally on your shoulders is a lot of pressure and responsibility but at the same time so exciting. It's a great job as when it all comes together and the clients are happy you get an amazing sense of achievement!

What's it like working with you?

I believe one of my strong points is people management and I love working as part of a team. I also know that my passion will show in my determination to deliver for each event I work with.

Where have you come from?

I have been away travelling and working for a while and have recently come home to Scotland. My background is a bit of everything; working in bars and hospitality organising events then going on to work in London with the Euros and Grand Prix organising high end hospitality packages. Most recently I have gained amazing experience when working for a whisky distillery in Melbourne and a gin distillery in Scotland doing marketing, brand awareness and events management. My two passions are the drinks industry and events so combining the two is the dream! 

When you're not managing events?

Socialising and going on trips with friends and family. I also love both watching (mainly rugby) and playing sport and I am currently training for a marathon... with a wee bit of netball on the side.