Annie Wheeler

Event Producer & Social Media Manager

Gilly's take on Annie

Annie is an enthusiastic, focused and driven individual who loves a challenge. She has a keen eye for creative detail - which comes across in all aspects of her work.

With a warm approach and a confident stride, Annie exudes her experience. She has managed marketing campaigns for global brands across the UK and specialises in award winning event creation and social media strategy and delivery.

Quick thinking and fun to work with, Annie is a key member of our growing team here at YOURgb.

Annie, why event management?

It's challenging and an always evolving industry which is wonderful to be part of. Watching an event that you have created come together then seeing clients and visitors enjoying themselves is very rewarding. The buzz that comes from working in events is unlike any other industry as the whole team is truly in it together and want it to succeed. 

What's it like working with you?

I've been told that it's pretty easy. I'm a very open and honest people person, which I think is extremely important for building relationships in all areas of life, and events of course. I love lists, and love ticking things off them even more, it helps to keep me organised. My colleagues would tell you that I'm very hands on and there is no problem to big or small that I wouldn't try to solve.

Where have you come from?

After completing my Masters in Marketing with Festival & Event Management I worked for an event company in Edinburgh where I managed a number of events ranging from agricultural trade exhibitions, a gardening festival and launching the Edinburgh Coffee Festival. I then continued my coffee journey down in London for one of the UK's leading specialty coffee companies - Union Hand-Roasted Coffee as an Event & Social Media Manager. I organised all their events from internal events, and small pop-ups to the London Coffee Festival stand which won just a few awards - definitely one of the highlights of my career so far!

When you're not managing events?

Probably planning on where I am going to eat next... and when I'm not planning, I'll be eating with my friends and family!

Jessica Johnstone McBride

Event Planner

Gilly's take on Jess

Jess is a self motivated, ambitious and fun person with a true passion for the events industry. She is calm under pressure, happy when busy, and ultra productive. By being solution driven, she always tackles problems head on with honesty and clarity. Her on-site management style is assertive yet warm, her experience allows her to control and manage events seamlessly.

Her working life has included managing and delivering a strong array of private, corporate and charitable events all over the UK. Jess is passionate about exceeding expectations and loves creating tangible, shareable, unique and memorable event experiences.

Jess, why event management?

I am passionate about planning events; being creative, organised and business like. Every single day and every event is different which keeps life interesting and fun. There is a terrific sense of achievement in seeing months of planning and hard work culminating in successful events and happy clients.

What's it like working with you?

I am focused, ambitious and personable; mixed with a sense of fun! I love working with people and think it’s hugely important to build honest relationships with clients, suppliers and colleagues. I pay great attention to detail and remain calm under pressure. I believe no problem is too big - there is always a solution!

Where have you come from? 

Following internships with a variety of event companies in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, I went on to study Event Management and Business at University, mixing bar work with my freelance event work along the way. Since graduating, I have worked on an eclectic range of corporate, charitable, and private events.

When you're not managing events?

I try to keep fit as much as possible. You might see me in a hot yoga or body pump class, or maybe up a hill with my dog, Bear. I love being with with my friends and family, as well as trying new restaurants & bars Edinburgh has to offer. I enjoy travelling and going on city breaks, this year was Copenhagen, next year is Prague…

Declan McDonald

Event Assistant & Graphic Designer

Gilly's Take on Declan

Declan is a passionate event manager and a talented creative designer. With his background in animation, photography, videography and film, he always works with a clear and tangible vision in mind, making him an exceptional event concept designer. 

He is an 'ideas person' that keeps an eye on the latest trends of brands and the event market in general, ensuring that our clients continue to receive fresh and unique proposals from our team.

Declan is personable, calm, imaginative and detailed. He loves bringing his creative thoughts to life, supporting his team and exceeding client expectations through first class event design and delivery.

Declan, why event management?

Event management is something that has always come naturally to me. Growing up in a large family that was heavily associated with organising local festivals and sports events meant that I’ve been gathering and building on my event skills since I was 13 years old.

A good few years on, working in YOURgb's 'The Famous Grouse House' was when I realised that I wanted to pursue a career in events. Being a part of a successful project, that brought so much to the city centre, gave me a feeling of accomplishment and gave me the confidence to push to be involved in even bigger and better events. 

What's it like working with you?

If you were to ask my peers, they would probably say that I am a fun, loyal and an enthusiastic person. I am very ambitious, and I pride myself on being able to see and get the best from anyone I work with. You'll probably never see me without a smile. 

Where have you come from?

The baby of a family of Irish red heads who live in a village, at the foot of a mountain, with a supposed bottomless lake at the top. Six years ago I came to Edinburgh from the Emerald Isle to study Film and Creative Studies at Edinburgh Napier University. I valued my time in university as it gave me the tools and platform to design, create and grow as a person. My time studying gave me the creative freedom to explore my own tastes, while also teaching me structure, dedication and how to meet briefs and exceed expectations.

When you're not managing events?

I'm most likely socialising with friends, in the gym or trying my hand at a new sport (I love them all). I'm very competitive and I feel running an event has very similar thrills to sport. Not only because the more you prep the better the result, but also you can prep and train for months but you never know what you'll have to deal with on the day, and that is what drives me. 

Lucy Lamb

Senior Marketing & PR Manager

Gilly's take on Lucy

Lucy is a warm and personable award-winning, creative and results-oriented marketing and communications professional. Her experience spans numerous success stories where she has planned and delivered successful influential multi-channel PR and marketing campaigns.

Lucy is incredible with our clients. She listens and diagnoses their PR and marketing needs and takes effective action in a variety of ways. She has experience in conducting key market research, developing new strategies, building stakeholder co-operation and energising teams. Lucy is passionate and creative in her approach and invigorates our clients with her determination and sense of clarity when it comes to setting and reaching clear objectives and goals.

Finlay Bain

Event Planner

Gilly's take on Fin

Finlay is an absolute joy to work with. He is charismatic, personable, extremely hard working, efficient and passionate about pleasing the people he works with.

Finlay is based in London, and as well as being an events professional, he is an actor. His acting talents prove hugely valuable both pre-event and on-site as he is well practiced at rehearsing the details, and his confidence and warmth on-site ensures that everyone feels welcomed and at ease. 

He is also a self confessed perfectionist with a real care for the customer/audience experience. He is calm under pressure, with a wonderful sense of humour and possesses a can do attitude that is so much needed in our industry. An experienced team player who is not afraid to take the lead, Finlay delivers events with heart, and always puts his audience first.

Fin, why event management?

For me, I work in events because each day is different and exciting. Much like acting, you’re constantly working with different people in different situations which on a social and professional level is hugely rewarding.

What's it like working with you?

I suppose their are two sides to me when working an event. I find the set up and planning of an event to be very important and I tend to be a bit more serious and focussed to make sure we have everything we need and are completely ready. When the event begins the more outgoing side to me is on show - I enjoy hosting and making everyone feel welcome and well looked after.

Where have you come from?

I grew up in Edinburgh and have now been living in London for five years working in events and acting.

When you're not managing events?

I am acting, writing and auditioning. I enjoy going out with friends and in particular seeing some theatre. I’m a rugby fan and also try to keep fit and healthy.


The Top Dog

Gilly's take on Benji

The real boss of this office. Benji has been with us for 18 months now and is central to the YOURgb team. The first thing you'll notice about him is that he is small and hairy and easily mistaken for a ferret. Generally speaking Benji is a great listener, takes pride in his appearance and he is a natural salesman for the company. Benji is frequently found napping under a desk or standing guard at the office window. 

All in all, Benji is quite simply the Top Dog.

Vikki Adamson

Senior Event Producer

Gilly's take on Vikki

Vikki is a self-starter whose work ethic is unparalleled. During her time with the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority she would oversee several aspects of multiple events, including the SWAC football and basketball championships, as well as the 2014 Transplant Games of America. 

Prior to this she took the lead in a major year round sponsor activation project for the London 2012 Olympics. She is hyper organised, committed to clients and her attention to detail is perfect. Vikki is warm, fun and calm under pressure - a fantastic addition to the YOURgb team.

Vikki, why event management?

There is no better feeling than seeing weeks and months of project planning come to fruition! Working in events means that every day is different with many high and lows along the way which makes it a fascinating, challenging and infectious industry to be part of.

What's it like working with you?

I'm told I am efficient with a sharp eye for detail, and I always keep a focused mind in a storm. I have been commended for my project management and stakeholder relationship skills which are always essential in an events world! Some say I have an infectious sense of humour which for me ensures the team have fun along the way! 

Where have you come from?

Having graduated from Stirling University with a degree in Marketing, I started my career in the Marketing department of Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh. I was then lucky enough to be part of the Sponsorship Activation team of Lloyds Banking Group working on the activation of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games for a 3 year period. I led the B2B activation strategy and plan which included client experience events, Olympic Torch Relay VIP events and the largest and most complex Games hospitality programme ever delivered. Experiencing a Games on home soil was something I will never forget. I then moved to Houston, Texas  where I worked for the Houston Sports Authority for 2 years planning and delivering a number of sporting events.

When you're not managing events?

Travel, food and sport are my passions and I try to combine them all as much as I can! I like to keep fit and healthy but socialising with friends and family and running after my little baby girl can sometimes get in the way. 

Chris Bain

Videographer & Editor

Gilly's take on Chris

Chris has been our dedicated event videographer for over five years. He is a trained professional with the natural ability to capture the essence and the energy of the events that we produce for our clients. Chris is a detailed shot planner and gets the best out of everything and everyone in-front of the camera.

With his creative eye, high spec kit and precise vision, his shots are all impeccably HD and beautifully framed. As an editor he is able to distill hours and hours of footage into a jam packed easily absorbed and engaging VT - and he does all of this with a great sense of humour and an unwavering dedication to producing videos that radiate out client culture and reach business objectives. Chris makes everyone he works with feel at ease, and he absolutely always goes that extra mile.

Chris, why event management?

Event work is high paced, exciting and no two events are the same which makes filming and producing them challenging and exciting! From the first time I ever worked as part of the YOURgb team it was very clear that we shared the same ethos - creativity, professionalism and dedication.

What's it like working with you?

I have been told I am very easy to work. I am passionate about bringing new ideas to the table and being creative with everything I do.

Where have you come from?

I studied Film and Media at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and then decided to up sticks and head to Sydney, Australia to finish off my studies completing a diploma in Film Production. I then started up my own Videography business which has been running since 2010.

When you're not managing events?

I try and keep fit, love golfing and socialising with family and friends. 

An example of Chris's work...

David Whitmey

Musical Director & Act Manager

Gilly's take on David

David is a musical director, writer and producer who has worked with YOURgb for over four years helping to deliver our music centric events. He began his career in touring, his credits include Mika, The Wanted, The Saturdays, Westlife and The Sugababes among many others. In the studio David has worked with a host of international names including Take That, KT Tunstall, 10CC and countless hit producers and writers.

He is a positive force of nature, that has a sound understanding of event design and the impact music has on events and their energy. David has a flair for being able to manage even the most troublesome of acts, and he is the king of smooth stage set up and scene changes. He is a passionate and kind music professional with a wealth of industry knowledge.

David, why event management?

I spent the last seventeen years working in the music industry with lots of different hats on - musician, musical director, writer, producer and management. It was purely by accident that you suddenly find yourself with hundreds of contacts and phone numbers and in a position to put together truly exceptional line ups for clients. 

What's it like working with you?

Hopefully chilled and easy!? I'm not a 9-5 guy though so I'm always thinking and prepared to work around the clock! 

Where have you come from?

I began my career playing keyboards on tours and tv for artists The Wanted, Take That, The Saturdays and Mika. Since then I've become more involved at a managerial level with record labels and my production companies.  My passion these days is finding talent north of the border and helping them to realise their ambitions. We worked with over 150 acts last year and have access to the cream of the Scottish music scene.

When you're not managing events?

Ok this is boring! When I'm not managing events I'm either playing, producing, writing or thinking Told you! I'm also building a coffee shop right now. Music themed of course!

Emily Cuthbert

Event Producer

Gilly's take on Emily

Emily is a happy and focussed individual, an energetic professional with a level head and an organised approach. She is self-assured, creative, intelligent and dynamic, with a keen eye for detail. Her demeanour is smiley, but she is serious about the job that she does. Emily has superb world-wide event management and hospitality experience. 

Her working life has included creating, managing and delivering large-scale fully hosted hospitality programmes for blue-chip corporate clients within the UK and Australia. Emily has an extraordinary talent for high volume delegate and guest pre-event management. She allows our clients to feel relaxed and confident that everything is being tracked and will be delivered as per their shared vision. 

Emily, why event management?

Watching people enjoy an event you helped put together is the best feeling in the world and the reason I wanted to start my career in events. I love working with people to help build their ideas and make them reality.

What's it like working with you?

I am an enthusiastic team player who thrives on building relationships with both clients and suppliers. I try to be as proactive as possible and very organised... the pink filofax won't be far away!

Where have you come from?

After studying Festival and Events with Hospitality Management I jetted off to sunny Australia to assist with the running of a hospitality function throughout the British and Irish Lions Tour - since then it's been a whirlwind time of event management and travel.

When you're not managing events?

Planning the next weekend's adventure.. but more often than not I'll be found socialising with my friends and family.

Jonty Bredin

Event Planner & Graphic Designer

Gilly's take on Jonty

Jonty is a creative and detailed event planner and graphic designer. He has a natural ability to connect with the consumer through design and implementation and always strives for perfection through his keen eye for detail. Jonty has a confident and warm approach with our clients and suppliers and always goes the extra mile for them and his colleagues.

Jonty’s experience in animation and graphic design allows us to take an event and create it as if it were its own brand. His understanding of brand guidelines and brand personalities enriches his event design and exceptional on-site management style.

He is a creative thinker with an ability to see past the paper and into the live event, ensuring the process is aligned from design to implementation. 

Jonty, why event management?

I am enthusiastic, and love working with people. It is important for me to work in a field where I can draw on my creative talents and put them into good use.

What's it like working with you?

I'm a hard worker, a great listener, and very approachable. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about what I do, and will always try and achieve the best results possible.

Where have you come from?

My background is very design orientated, having just finished studying Animation and Graphic Design at Northumbria university in Newcastle. I took part in lots of extra curricular activities, whether it be playing sport or organising various charity events, which I loved.

When you're not managing events?

I love sport, so generally I'll be either taking part or spectating, whichever sport it may be. I also just like to socialise with friends and be around people. 

Juliet Lamb

Event Planner

Gilly's take on Juliet

Julsey is an absolute find. I brought her onboard because she is personable, extremely hard working, efficient and passionate about pleasing the people she works with. When you first meet her you notice her quiet confidence and lovely smile. 

She really listens to what is being asked of her and she takes great care in delivering it exactly as you want. She is honest, no-nonsense and loves target reaching and exceeding expectations. When she works on welcome desks guests often comment on how warm and polite she is, and with a quick wit she is entertaining and has excellent sense of humour - very much required in our industry!

Juliet, why event management?

I am detail driven and calm under pressure! It's also important to me that I work in an industry where I can draw on my creativity, be people facing and utilise my administrative talents.

What's it like working with you?

I am hard working and I thrive in fast paced environments. I am told I am a good listener and I deliver event costings and suggestions clearly and efficiently. I enjoy being given a 'to do' list as I like to take things and run with them with a no nonsense approach, I can multitask and I get the work done. I'm sociable, patient and understanding and I love front facing roles e.g. hospitality desk, hosting etc.

Where have you come from?

I was schooled at St George's School for Girls in Edinburgh. I took part in many extra curricular activities, including Business Enterprise, which I loved. I graduated from Newcastle University with my BA in Sociology. University was an amazing experience for me; it allowed me to discover my passion for creating experiences for people as it’s where I realised what could be achieved through group events and excellent organisation! Throughout university I worked in hotels and for event catering companies. The experience covered private and corporate events and within each role I worked closely with the event managers and delivered their objectives. From there I moved into freelance event assisting naturally and easily and I absolutely love it.

A real 'life changer' was when I worked for Luchie House looking after sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis. My job was to make their lives easier, assisting with their physical and emotional challenges. Rewarding and humbling.

When you're not managing events?

I love swimming; it's a real escape for me. I also enjoy a nice glass of wine and a home cooked meal. I come from a big, fun, loud and happy family and there is nothing better than a family get-together to relax and de-stress, it's a laugh a minute!

Caroline Blair

Event Host & MC

Gilly's take on Caroline

I first heard about Caroline through her presenting and TV work, Caroline is a former STV News sports anchor and BBC newsreader - her portfolio is extremely impressive! She is currently a journalist for Sky News.

Caroline has incredible energy, focus and confidence. Her presenting experience on TV and radio has armed her with a skills set that is transferable into any industry, event or circumstance. She is robust, fast thinking and never deterred by stressful situations or last minute requests. She is the perfect event host and MC.

Caroline, why event management?

No two events are ever the same and I love the variety that goes with the territory. Every client has a different brief, a different set of objectives that they would like to achieve and I love being the person that helps to pull it all together. I get a real buzz from working on THE event that everyone is talking about – for the right reasons of course!

What's it like working with you?

I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty! I live my life by the Gary Player philosophy that the harder you work, the luckier you get and that certainly seems to be the case with events - things happen if you are there to make them happen. Having spent 11 years as a journalist, television presenter and event compere, I have been the client, the consumer and the facilitator so I have a 360 approach to the process. I think my strengths lie in my creativity and my ability to talk to people and understand what they want. I also enjoy managing people and, when it comes to the staff working on the ground making the event a success, I never ask people to do anything that I wouldn't or haven't already done myself.

Where have you come from?

I discovered my love of events during my 11 years working in the media, as a broadcast journalist and television presenter for the BBC, STV and commercial radio stations. Having spent five years living in the north east of England before moving back to Scotland in 2010, my contacts book is extensive and varied. In addition to my experience in media and events, I also have significant experience of working in PR.

When you're not managing events?

I can generally be found in Edinburgh’s Inverleith Park taking Brodie, my miniature dachshund, for ‘walkies’. My K-9 commitments aside, I also enjoy writing, skiing, watching sport, and socialising with friends over a glass of wine. Occasionally I play the bagpipes, although finding a suitable place to practice in the city can be challenging!

Adam Simpson

Event Planner & Bar Activation Manager

Gilly's take on Adam

Having worked with Adam for over two years on-site at our various drink activation events, I couldn't fail to notice his passion for customer service, his can-do attitude, cheery demeanour and dedication to our clients. 

Adam first joined us as an intern and quickly became a key part of our team, he is now a full time Event Planner and Bar Activation Manager taking ownership of events from enquiry to on-site delivery. He has exceptional client facing skills and a true understanding of what the event industry expectations are - and he exceeds them every time.

Adam, why event management?

This is really hard to answer, as the reason that I love working in events so much is that each event is completely different to the next. I love the diversity of events. If I had to choose one, the type of event that I probably enjoy the most are product activation events as it allows me to work closely with the client and become an ambassador for that brand. I love delving into the research behind the brand, understanding their market and completely immersing myself in the brand, which allows me confidently work with the product.

What's it like working with you?

I am a creative, sociable and confident person, therefore I couldn't think of a career that would suit me more! I love having the opportunity to work with lots of different exciting clients from all different sectors on a wide array of different events.

Clients have always mentioned how dedicated and committed I am to each and every one of my events. I am a very approachable person and feel that my communication skills allow me to create great relationships with both the client and customer to allow for the smoothest possible running of an event.

Where have you come from?

I graduated from Newcastle University with a BA honors degree in Geography in June 2014 and moved back to Edinburgh to work with YOURgb EVENTS full time. Throughout University I gained work experience within the sales and events industry. One of the most notable roles I undertook was working in advertising for the London Double Header event at Twickenham and promoting corporate hospitality at the Rugby League World Cup. I also worked behind the scenes at the London Double Header event and found the operational side of the event hugely interesting, it's what sparked my move into event management and I haven't looked back.

When you're not managing events? 

Exercising is the best way for me to relax. I feel it clears my head and keeps my energy levels high! 

Sarah Robins

Senior Event Producer

Gilly's take on Sarah

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sarah since we were in Primary 3 together at school! Little did we know back then, when she was a sports star and I was a budding actress, that one day we would be working together delivering international events. 

Sarah has joined the team after an amazing 5 years in Dubai delivering high-end events all over the world. Her experience is seriously impressive, after working with an eclectic range of industries and some heavy weight brands, she is completely competent in every element of event design and delivery. Always bright, cheerful and dedicated, Sarah inspires our clients and champions our suppliers, she drives Team YOURgb forward.

Sarah, why event management?

It’s challenging, it's really rewarding and I get to have great fun whilst doing it. No day, no client and no event is the same which makes it really interesting - clock watching in this industry doesn’t exist! I really enjoy the entire process of taking an idea and seeing it come to fruition; the final result, exceeding client expectations and seeing the reactions of attendees is such a great feeling.

What's it like working with you?

I have been commended for my personable nature and always being one step ahead of the game - this means your client can feel at ease and enjoy their event whilst you worry about the canapés! I think this comes with my obsession with ‘attention to detail' as well, I like everything to be delivered to a standard not only the client is happy with but so I can be proud of the work I have produced. I really enjoy managing people; seeing them grow, develop their knowledge and skills is really rewarding - the team around you are so important in this industry, without them you can't deliver successful events and achieve such amazing results!

Where have you come from?

After graduating from Loughborough University with a BSc in Sports Science & Management, I returned to Edinburgh for a marketing opportunity which quickly led me to falling in love with events after delivering the company's tradeshow. With itchy feet and the sun calling, I decided to venture to Dubai where I worked for two different event and PR agencies; this exposed me to a range of clients, brands and opportunities. I delivered numerous events from high profile, celebrity attending gala evenings in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi F1 and the Volvo Ocean Race, to a range of fashion store openings and brand launches, polo tournaments, and launching the tallest hotel in the world before focusing on more conference based events for the financial industry. It was a fantastic experience and I was lucky enough to travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi with other exciting projects held in Monaco and Istanbul.

When you're not managing events? 

I love seeing my family and spending time with my niece and nephew. Dinner parties with friends is a must! As a fitness fanatic you can find me on the treadmill, with a kettle bell or on a yoga mat; and when it’s not raining…running round Arthur Seat. I also enjoy a good movie to escape into another world of make-believe.

Victoria Leggat

Senior Event Producer

Gilly's take on Victoria

When you meet Victoria the first thing you will notice is her bright energy and huge smile. With her exceptional experience she exudes a genuine passion and champions a dedicated work ethic. 

She also has a cracking sense of sense of humour.

With her phenomenal experience gained from working in the Edinburgh International Film Festival, she is personable and thoughtful and an absolute asset to the YOURgb team. Clients adore and trust her, and her approach to business is uncannily similar to my own – we share the same values (honesty, creativity, dedication) and she also loves what we do – it shows in the quality of her work.

Her experience is varied, so her addition to the team strengthens it massively. Her extensive knowledge in the workings of sponsorship has already benefitted our clients, and through this extended skills set we have quickly grown our sponsorship delivery portfolio.

Victoria, why event management?

The Sponsorship world is such a fun,dynamic and evolving industry to work in and one that has dramatically changed over the past number of years. I love the challenge and desire to make each and every sponsorship activation, or event a smashing success. Working with clients to help them achieve their ambitions and objectives is such a rewarding job!

What's it like working with you?

People have always said I could sell snow to Eskimos!! In all seriousness, I think it’s my tenacious, hungry and positive attitude to succeed. I have always entered everything I do, with a big smile on my face. I believe the main ingredients for a good Events Manager is good listening skills, honestly and dedication. My clients always say I have a hand’s on attitude and will always go that extra length to make sure the event or sponsorship activation is delivered to the best possible standard.

Where have you come from?

After graduating from Glasgow University with an M.A in English Literature, I embarked on a career in graduate recruitment in London. I loved smashing targets hence my desire to work in challenging and rewarding environments. I moved into the Sponsorship and Events arena 4 years ago, firstly working for the Edinburgh International Film Festival & Filmhouse Cinema as their Sponsorship Manager helping to attract and retain new and interesting sponsors.

When you're not managing?

When I have time to relax... I love to exercise. I love all kinds of exercise! I have always tried to keep myself fit, as I am a firm believer that feeling fit makes you work better and have a clearer mind. I also love to socialise with family and friends and love going out for scrumptious dinners and drinking delicious wine. On holiday, I am a bit of a book worm and love being submerged into another world.

Gilly Bain

Founder & Director

What is the history of the brand?

Gilly created YOURgb EVENTS in March 2011 so that she could revitalise event strategy, design and management. Gilly has placed the company focus on being completely dedicated to our clients, passionate about what we do, creative in our thought processes and professional in our approach. 

YOURgb specialise in event strategy, concept design, project management and on-site delivery. We work with a variety of clients from an eclectic range of industries and we deliver their unique events throughout the UK and abroad. We can amplify the work we do for public facing events by delivering awareness raising campaigns through integrating event PR, social media management, comms writing, ATL content and client brand plans into our event design.

We genuinely care and take great pride in the work we do and we recognise the impact events can have. We understand the importance of the relationships required to create outstanding events and we collaborate to surpass event expectations. The events we create are each unique, and with that each require measurable objectives to monitor success and justify client investment. YOURgb operates with ambition and empathy in equal measure. We are proud to be a ‘Business for Good’ that gives back through the events that we create through the B1G1 scheme. 

Why event management?

I see every event as a bouncy ball. When you throw a ball onto the ground, the point of impact is (to me) the event itself taking place. It's that split second of impact, the momentary connection between the ball and the ground, that determines how high that ball will travel. You have one chance, one moment with your audience to get it absolutely right - it's exciting. It is the success of that impact that will determine how far the event and its message will travel - how high it will reach. Our job is to think creatively and strategically about how high we can possibly make the ball bounce. The process, research and creativity behind scoping out and identifying these opportunities excites me, it is a passion of mine and it's the reason I do what I do. I love to make events bounce.

What's it like working with you?

As far as I can tell, it's easy! I pride myself on ensuring that I am honest, straightforward and realistic with our clients. Although I am passionate about creativity and strive to maintain a fresh approach to event design, I'm careful to pitch what can realistically be achieved within the budgets we are given. I am also told that working with me is enjoyable, this mainly comes down to the fact that I love what I do and my enthusiasm has a tendancy to rub off on the people I work with.

Where have you come from?

During my BA in Performance Art and then a Masters in Acting for Stage and Screen I discovered my passion for events through my work in set and stage design, theatre programming, logistics, AV, stage management, team communications, rehearsal management and audience engagement concept design and delivery. I started my career in events working within Scottish Widows and then Strutt and Parker where I assisted with internal events. I went on to work in a brilliant event agency based in Edinburgh where the events spanned most industries and took me all over the world. After around five years I moved to London and began freelancing, and a year after that I created YOURgb EVENTS.

When you're not managing events?

I am a keen runner taking part in the London Marathon this year (gulp). I love going to the theatre, reading, lovely restaurants, watching stand up comedy, watching films, spending time with my crazy family and wonderful friends. I also rather enjoy a nice glass of wine (or two).

Our Values



We understand that our role exists to support our clients. We strive to ensure that our event design process works with them and makes their lives easier, allowing us to act as an extension to their team.

We are personable, creative, pro-active and deep thinkers; every decision we make, or recommendation we provide, has the best interests of our clients at heart. We love what we do, which makes us care personally about the success of each of the events that we deliver with our clients. We are purposefully non-formulaic in our approach to event design and delivery because we understand that each of our clients are unique, and as such require a be-spoke service every time they work with us.


We see your event as a bouncy ball. When you throw a ball onto the ground, the point of impact is (to us) the event itself taking place. It's that split second of impact, the momentary connection between the ball and the ground, that determines how high that ball will travel. It is the success of that impact that determines how far your event and its message will travel and how high it will reach. Our job is to think creatively and strategically about how high we can possibly make your ball bounce, and we will look at that ball from every aspect (design, PR, theming, location, social media, comms, ATL, brand plans) to determine every possible opportunity to add to its bounciness. 

We make events bounce.


Each of the YOURgb EVENTS team are true event professionals. We all have our own specialties from creative conceptualization to sponsorship activations, conference logistics to stage management. We have years of experience in worldwide event creation and delivery in a variety of industries. We design events that ‘break the mould’, whilst keeping them in budget and realistically achievable. Team YOURgb are commended on our individual strengths and passion for the work that we do. We are an eclectic mix of creative minds and logistical intelligence - all 'people, people' and take genuine pride in our warm management styles and honest approach. Along with our 'can do' attitude, presentable appearance and dedication to our clients; we simply love what we do, and you can tell.