Our Values



We understand that our role exists to support our clients. We strive to ensure that our event design process works with them and makes their lives easier, allowing us to act as an extension to their team.

We are personable, creative, pro-active and deep thinkers; every decision we make, or recommendation we provide, has the best interests of our clients at heart. We love what we do, which makes us care personally about the success of each of the events that we deliver with our clients. We are purposefully non-formulaic in our approach to event design and delivery because we understand that each of our clients are unique, and as such require a be-spoke service every time they work with us.


We see your event as a bouncy ball. When you throw a ball onto the ground, the point of impact is (to us) the event itself taking place. It's that split second of impact, the momentary connection between the ball and the ground, that determines how high that ball will travel. It is the success of that impact that determines how far your event and its message will travel and how high it will reach. Our job is to think creatively and strategically about how high we can possibly make your ball bounce, and we will look at that ball from every aspect (design, PR, theming, location, social media, comms, ATL, brand plans) to determine every possible opportunity to add to its bounciness. 

We make events bounce.


Each of the YOURgb EVENTS team are true event professionals. We all have our own specialties from creative conceptualization to sponsorship activations, conference logistics to stage management. We have years of experience in worldwide event creation and delivery in a variety of industries. We design events that ‘break the mould’, whilst keeping them in budget and realistically achievable. Team YOURgb are commended on our individual strengths and passion for the work that we do. We are an eclectic mix of creative minds and logistical intelligence - all 'people, people' and take genuine pride in our warm management styles and honest approach. Along with our 'can do' attitude, presentable appearance and dedication to our clients; we simply love what we do, and you can tell.