Half a decade with YOURgb

Posted on 16th September 2021 by Emily Semple

Half a decade with YOURgb

It is truly amazing to read Gilly’s blog talking about YOURgb’s 10 year anniversary. Time really has flown by, and it is an honour to have been by Gilly’s side for (just!) over half of that time. In the 5.5 years that I have been at YOURgb, who we are today makes me so proud.

I think it’s also important to highlight the sheer grit and determination of our whole team that got us through the pandemic, a fight none of us will forget but one that makes this milestone even greater.

What was your first day like? 


I can still remember it clear as day, we were based on Cumberland Street, and I think I stood outside for about 20 minutes because I was so early. We actually shared an office space with the lovely Staran Architects team, so I had to walk through their office to get to YOURgb. I had previously worked in a much more “corporate” office, so it also felt very strange going into work wearing black skinny jeans!

As you can imagine, it didn’t take long to settle in – it did however take me forever to learn how to use a Mac laptop.

At YOURgb we do everything we can to make our newest recruits first day a warm and friendly experience. Every member of the team is involved whether that be sharing their own knowledge behind the YOURgb ways of working or simply going out for a coffee at lunch time.

My goal is to make sure the team look forward to coming into the office, creating a fun yet professional environment for everyone to enjoy (especially when things are busy!).

What was the first event you worked on? 

I was brought on board to manage all things Harley-Davidson so I hit the ground running. They were amazing events to be part of and took us all over the world from Switzerland to the South of France to Austria.

This is actually where I learnt the hard way to “dress for your client” and not the setting. I arrived at the hotel in the South of France wearing a pair of floral white trousers and a linen shirt only to be met by 20 Harley-Davidson employees all in black jeans, leathers, and bandanas – I have never changed so quickly in my life.

The team at Harley-Davidson were brilliant to work for and being onsite for 10 days at a time meant I got to know Gilly very well and very quickly – we have lots of fond memories of this time.

What was one of your favourite events? 

I can honestly say I don’t have one favourite event – every event I have worked on has been brilliant in its own way. We work with like-minded clients and strive to become part of their team, to work collaboratively with them and their suppliers. It is so important to have that relationship, especially when you are onsite for long periods of time.

As an event manager you are learning every day, I don’t think you will ever reach that “all knowing” moment because every event and each client is different, but if you enjoy the process and take on board those difficult moments you’ll strive and grow. It is all about being brave, or mad enough (dependent on how you look at it) to take on the unknown!

What’s it been like seeing the team grow to 10 people? 

If someone had told me 3 years ago when Gilly promoted me to Team Manager that I would be looking after 8 wonderful human beings I would never have believed them.

It has been amazing to see the team and the business grow and to play a part in each individual journey is very special. YOURgb is what it is because of our team, and I can truly say being their team manager gives me the most joy and a huge sense of pride.

It is also worth mentioning that they are also all very patient with me – as a manager you don’t always get it right so this is the perfect opportunity to thank them all individually for making me the person I am today.


Can you explain a little about how the YOURgb team work together?

We always describe ourselves as an eclectic bunch and that hits the nail on the head. We are all so different but my goodness we are a force to be reckoned with. Everyone has their own key strengths and a particular skillset which is why we can be brave with our creative ideas and push the boundaries. Gilly has created a fabulous culture, a team spirit that is so unique and the reason why we love what we do.

At YOURgb we learn from each other, we support each other, and we trust each other!