Lockdown Life: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Posted on 3rd June 2020 by Emma White

Lockdown Life: Looking Back and Moving Forward

As we look forward to the next phase of our fight against COVID-19, team YOURgb are reflecting on the past 10 weeks and how strength, resilience and kindness has grown during the most unprecedented (sorry, it’s overused, but it really is the best word!) of times.

The new normal for YOURgb, is just the norm now. Our days consist of the active team having morning meetings by Zoom, Facetime 1:1s and the Whatsapp group buzzing for most of the day. We meet up for zoom socials once a week – for a beer and a share. This has had its challenges but, the team have quickly adapted, and we are supporting each other like never before.

This is not to say we know what we are doing, if you do please get in touch! We miss the office life with Gilly shouting at Benji for barking at the postman, Fin cracking us up with another impression, or Karen (accidentally) smashing glasses in the kitchen. The daily catchups and coffee breaks aren’t the same over the phone but maintaining these little rituals over the past few weeks has made a difference. We do all agree though that we can’t wait to get back to quietly asking if anyone would like a hot drink and having 8 different orders shouted back.

I think the long and the short of it is that we truly miss each other.

And like the rest of the events industry, our clients, and most of the world, we have had to make some changes and sacrifices to ride the COVID-19 wave.

The F Word

Furlough, for now – The big F has quickly become probably one of the most talked about subjects in businesses recently.

To us – it symbolises the fight, the fight to keep pushing to get each of us back out of furlough and back in the thick of it. It’s what was needed, but it’s the determination to not accept it, and to push to get out of it, that is driving YOURgb forward. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we are innovating, and our mission and sole objective remains the same: together we are going to fight Corona and together we WILL win.

To combat the furlough fracture – workers versus furloughers, we’ve worked new things into our culture. We are celebrating doing good, in a big way. From mask making to errand running – we are continuously virtually high fiving each other. We are also bigging up every new skill, be that mastering a new online events platform, or knitting…

Weekly tasks have also been set – yoga poses, flourless bakes and the Run for Heroes challenge to name a few, that lifted our spirits and bonded us further as a team. We’ve shared webinars or online courses we’ve found interesting and updated each other on how we’ve been spending our time. From making face masks to learning a new language, there’s been a lot the team has done to fill their days!

Keeping connected with each other has never been more important.

Let’s get up and go (to the living room)

Usual morning routines have been thrown out the window and suddenly, we’ve all got new work colleagues. Partners, parents, children and pets have all joined our teams and our usual work-life balance has been tilted. Your office is your home and your home, is your office.

We are all trying to take time away from our desks at lunch, shutting the doors to our ‘office’ at night and putting down our phones at the end of the day to create a divide between work and life. It’s easier said than done, but as the weeks go on, its these little things that can help. Any other tips? Please let us know!

It’s not just work that changed. Very suddenly, mums, dads and guardians took on the roles of teacher and entertainer, while many continue to work. PE might be covered by Joe Wicks in the morning, but families have had to create new routines over the last 10 weeks to cover all bases and we just want to take a moment to salute you all.

With everyone at home though, there has been some hilarious stories which I’m sure everyone isolating with someone can relate to. Our Vikki has been hiding from her daughter in the shed with a gin, and Emma has been trying to teach her dog to do TikTok dances with very little (absolutely no) success.

Being grateful and moving forward

In the last 10 weeks, we’ve had work anniversaries and birthdays that we would usually celebrate by having a wee party in the office, but like so many celebrations due to take place this year, we took them online! We love a party (and cake) so we’re continuing to sing happy birthday out of time on Zoom and will raise a glass to our lovely Lisa who is due to graduate soon.

Our aim is to keep spirits high and even though we can’t see each other at the moment, we are all sending virtual hugs of congratulations and appreciation to everyone. While we miss seeing our families, friends and colleagues, we have all found we are connecting more with people than ever before. But, we are excitedly setting up real-life wine and coffee dates for when we can safely do so again! Although, it has been a treat ‘meeting someone for a drink’ in your jammies…

As we move through the coming phases, our new routines may change once again but one thing we are going to keep is our connection to one another, the community and our loved ones. As our wonderful director Gilly said:

“Let’s not sit and wait for the ‘new normal’, let’s create it!”