My 4 years at YOURgb!

Posted on 8th March 2020 by Emily Semple

My 4 years at YOURgb!

It all began on Monday 7th March 2016 –  my first day as an Event Manager for YOURgb EVENTS. I can still remember how I felt, what I wore and the excited but nervous little butterflies that filled my entire body.

When I first met Gilly for our initial coffee, I was in awe within five minutes – this 5ft something powerhouse had achieved so much in such a short space of time – I wanted in!

Back in 2009 I left school to go straight into a Festival and Events with Hospitality Management degree. Graduating in 2013, I landed on my feet and went straight into a job within the corporate hospitality industry –  I learnt so much and my love for events continued to grow. Three years later and I wanted to try out something new, something creative – YOURgb was the perfect next step in my career and what a career it has and continues to be.

4 years

117 Events

4 Christmas Parties

3 Office moves

2 YOURgb weddings

1 Rebrand

and an amazing team of event gurus!

I could go down the professional route and show images from our event case studies but what happens behind closed doors at YOURgb is why I am here, the culture, the people, all the funny moments – it sets us apart from most and is why I love what I do.


My first team coffee to celebrate not only my first week but also my birthday!

My first team coffee to celebrate not only 1 week completed but also my birthday!

Selfies in the sun – this was my first event with YOURgb, onsite with Harley-Davidson in the beautiful St Tropez

Festival madness, the only time wearing faceprint to work is acceptable!

When we do fancy dress.. we DO fancy dress!

Travelling is a big part of our job.. just make sure you don’t fall asleep with one of the team around.. #dribbling

TSB has played a huge part in my day to day role #dreamteam

I am known for donning a neck scarf now and again.. but wasn’t prepared for the whole team to wear one at my surprise work hen do!! #BritishAirways

Sparkly bum bags are a must when you work with this babe at The List Festival Party!


Caught taking a test shot at Pride of Sport last year!

Meeting the newest member of Team YOURgb #meetingmac