Our Values

We are a collective of creative thinkers, event creators and innovative marketeers. We help you generate ideas and turn them into reality.

The YOURgb Way


We are committed to doing the best for our clients, for each other and for the planet.

At YOURgb we hold ourselves to a standard that we are proud of, and this is reflected in our work, day in and day out. It is in our DNA to always put our best foot forward and put our time, effort, and energy into making your event ideas come to life.

We have a responsibility to our community, our planet, and future generations to do our best environmentally and economically. We are a ‘business for good,’ which means for every event that we do, we pay it forward by allocating a proportion of our fee to charity. Meaning that your event can make a massive difference!

As part of this journey, we are doing what we can as individuals and as a group to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, and by paying to offset our carbon emissions where we cannot. With that being said, YOURgb are officially Carbon Neutral and we remain committed to becoming Net Zero by 2050.


We are creative to our core; we believe in fresh ideas and diverse opinions.

YOURgb is powered by the creativity and solution-orientated mindset of our team members; meaning that no idea of yours is too small or big to come to fruition. We are known for our ability to stretch and manipulate the idea box, to transform your vision into a bespoke masterpiece that leaves your audience with a memorable experience.

We are driven by our passion for producing perfect events and experiences for clients that we love. And we carry on striving to be our best selves and that involves being creative at every turn.


We are human, we’re proud to be eclectic and authentic individuals.

Every team member at YOURgb is exceptionally talented on their own, but when we join forces, we are unstoppable. Which is a massive benefit when it comes to creating niche events for you and your business.

As humans, we are inherently flawed but at YOURgb we believe that there is beauty and inspiration in those imperfections. It doesn’t matter how experienced we are – to innovate we must always be open to keep learning, thinking, listening, researching, evolving, accepting, and embracing change. The ability to do better and grow is something we do not take for granted.

We learn something new every day and we will always seek to do better.

Every single person here matters, and we all make a difference.


We are brave and we love a challenge.

The team at YOURgb are a fearless bunch. We understand that the only constant in life is change and we embrace that fact with open arms. Together we motivate each other to demonstrate vulnerability and encourage everyone to ALWAYS ask questions. Even you!

No request or idea is unreasonable or ridiculous, all YOU need to do is ask.

We aren’t afraid of trying new things and pushing boundaries because this means we are progressing and forever evolving into something better!


We are kind, we lead with empathy and deliver with heart.

By sharing our core values with you, we hope that you see your own values reflected in us. We look forward to working with brands and talents who share our philosophy!

So even though we are driven and determined we always lead with empathy. We are respectful, intellectual, and kind. Ambition does not mean elbows and chins out – it’s respectful and reflective. And an emotional urge to progress, learn, refine, support and care for each other.

We are supportive of not only our team members but our clients too. We’ll celebrate your wins, support you, and move forward together – successfully!