BRUGAL 1888 | Influencer Campaign

London 31st Jan – 14th Feb 2020 9 Influencers / attendees

BRUGAL 1888 | Influencer Campaign

YOURgb worked with Brugal 1888 to create a bespoke social media influencer strategy that was to create cut through on Valentine’s Day. We researched and secured nine unique partnerships with well established social media influencers, specialising in lifestyle, travel and fashion. Our aim was to ensure each influencer’s tone of voice, approach, content and online presence was the perfect fit for Brugal 1888. This would guarantee authenticity from each partnership and excellent engagement rates with the target demographic – ultimately driving sales towards the Waitrose Cellar webpage to make a purchase.

After securing the influencers and creating an Instagram post agreement with each of them, YOURgb arranged the delivery of an exclusive Brugal 1888 Valentine’s Day hamper. We managed the creation and distribution of the hampers, and worked with each of the influencers on their imagery and content planning, with specific emphasis on elegance and originality.

The campaign was hugely successful where we achieved 359,210 social media impressions, 16% social media engagement rate and double the amount of ‘swipe ups’ set. As a result, this social media influencer partnership created huge brand awareness and a noted increase in the online sales of Brugal 1888.

Our Services

Running event requires a number of skills here is a list of YOURgb’s event responsibilities

  • Brand Research
  • Target Demographic Research
  • Key Messaging Planning
  • Sponsorship Brokering and Management
  • Campaign Design & Planning
  • Creative Concept Design
  • Mood Boarding
  • Material and Kit Sourcing
  • Event Managers
  • Influencer Managers
  • Influencer Research and Social Tie In
  • General Branding
  • Social Media Strategy and Management
  • Scripting
  • Event Documentation
  • Success Measurement
  • Post Event Evaluation