EdINburgh Unlocked – An Event for Event People

Online 90 minutes 200 attendees

EdINburgh Unlocked – An Event for Event People

Ahead of the world opening up again, and in a bid to get our industry back on track, YOURgb volunteered our time to join forces with other industry experts to launch a city-wide online event.

The committee were on a mission to virtually Unlock EdINburgh and create an event for event people, and it was our responsibility to ensure all ideas that were brought to the table were incorporated into the running of event, speakers were sourced, and the bespoke platform and branding were on point!

The event was for individuals who were job seeking, furloughed and working in the Edinburgh events, hospitality, travel & tourism industry. Its purpose, was to help people reconnect, share stories and to discuss how we as individuals were surviving!  

The event consisted of entertainment from Bleeker, magic and mystery from Elliott Bibby as well as panel conversations with industry experts. There were fun breakout & networking sessions from the likes of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and many more; and an all-important recruiter room offering a helping hand to those who needed some advice.

With the charity sector facing a £12.5billion loss and large-scale fundraising events unable to take place due to the Covid pandemic, a proportion of each ticket sold went towards 3 chosen charities; Hospitality Health, SAMH and Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts.


Our Services

Running an event requires a number of skills, here is a list of YOURgb’s event responsibilities

  • Key messaging planning
  • Event design and planning
  • Creative concept design
  • Event styling
  • Event managers
  • Production managers
  • Hosts and hostesses
  • Scripting
  • RSVP management and guest liaison
  • Event documentation
  • Event registration website design and delivery
  • Guest speakers and hosts
  • Musicians and performance artists

”I have no words (for once) to be able to express our appreciation for what you achieved today. It was nothing short of amazing. Your patience, hard work, kindness, energy and commitment knew no bounds!”

Cath Kerr, Corporate Sales Executive, Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)

Cath Kerr, Corporate Sales Executive, Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)