Lives in the Balance Summit: Improving the health of women, children and adolescents through Universal Health Coverage

Online Event, streamed internationally 3 hours >600 attendees

YOURgb worked closely with PMNCH (Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health), CORE Group and UHC2030 to reconvene partners across the globe for a virtual summit to take stock of how COVID-19 is impacting on progress towards achieving universal health coverage (UHC).

The objectives for this exciting and interactive event, Lives in the Balance Summit, were as follows:
• To provide a space to reflect on progress and challenges and share best practices
• Identify ways to strengthen multi-stakeholder collaboration
• Mobilise meaningful action to protect the progress on UHC and women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health and well-being.

On Friday 11 December 2020, hosted live by Mercy Juma, broadcast journalist at BBC Africa, the event welcomed musical performances by Abelone Melesse, a panel session hosted by Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark and individual breakout sessions to discuss 4 unique topics with specialists in the field.

Our services included bespoke website and streaming platform design and management, content capture (video editing and animation creation), event show flow and scripting support, technical delivery, IT and platform support and post event analysis.

Our Services

Running an online event requires a number of skills; here is a list of YOURgb’s event responsibilities:

  • Bespoke website and streaming platform; design and management
  • Content Capture (video editing and animation creation)
  • Event Show Flow and Scripting Support
  • Technical delivery
  • IT and platform support
  • Post event analysis and success measurement
  • Event managers
  • Production managers
  • Production running orders
  • Audio visual
  • Show calling
  • Agenda and Event documentation
  • Speaker Briefing and Tech Rehearsals

We thoroughly enjoyed working with YOURgb. The team was very technically able and a pleasure to work with. The team provided a strong blend of communications strategy, production experience and technical ability. This resulted in a well thought out and well executed event which was engaging for viewers and which got our messages through. The team is in addition service oriented and all around great. We would definitely recommend their services.

Kadidiatou Toure, PMNCH Campaigns & Outreach Team Lead

Kadidiatou Toure, PMNCH Campaigns & Outreach Team Lead