Roku | Meldrum House Activation

Meldrum House, Aberdeenshire May - September 2021

Roku | Meldrum House Activation

Although this was the smallest of the Roku activation, it certainly didn’t lack brand impact and visibility.

YOURgb designed and dressed Meldrum House’s outdoor dining domes by taking inspiration from the Roku 2021 toolkit.

We delivered four bespoke floral arrangements to sit centre of each of the tables inside the done structures and each display was to resemble a miniature blossom tree.

To achieve this, and ensure the arrangements were highly effective and authentic looking, we made bespoke hand died silk blossom flowers that were then threaded onto real branches. For the finishing touches to the displays, we created hand crafted Japanese origami fans and flowers to sit around the base of the vases.

Finally, to keep diners cozy, we sourced luxury cozy blankets and had them branded with the Roku logo.

Our Services

Running event requires a number of skills, here is a list of YOURgb’s event responsibilities

  • Event design and planning
  • Post event evaluation
  • Creative concept design
  • Event styling
  • Theming and dressing
  • Mood boarding
  • Material and kit sourcing
  • Event managers
  • Production managers
  • General branding

"It look's absolutely fantastic and Meldrum House are delighted with the finished look!"

Brands Development Manager

Brands Development Manager