WHS+ Expert Consultation

Online Event x2 Days 200 attendees

WHS+ Expert Consultation

The World Health Survey Plus (WHS+) Expert Consultation aimed to highlight that COVID-19 has exposed the dire need for household surveys given the widespread health and socio-economic impact of the pandemic. Today’s data systems are incomplete, fragmented and inconsistently build national capacity.

The 2 day event was hosted by Stefan Schweinfest, Director, United Nations Statistics Division and Francesca Perucci, Assistant Director, United Nations Statistics Division and broadcasted to 35 countries including Kenya, USA, Columbia and Saudi Arabia. The event was produced virtual using the Zoom Webinar with vMix software to facilitate the live speakers.

Industry experts joined the live panel discussions answering questions from the audience to provide a rich and collaborative consultation.

Our services included content capture (video editing and animation creation), event show flow and content support, technical delivery, speaker management and post event analysis.

Our Services

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