Hollie Jaques

Senior Content & Events Producer

Gilly’s take on Hollie

Hollie is an accomplished Senior Content and Event Producer, who has been leading international
events for over 6 years, managing annual portfolios within the health, finance, tech, arts and
charity sectors both internally and agency side.
Hollie is also a practiced partnership manager having fostered event partnerships with numerous
high-profile organisations including The Canadian Government, The World Bank, Starbucks,
Amazon & Harvard University. Her expertise also covers online events, digital marketing, social
media and content design. Hollie has a special interest in the environment, empowerment and
world health and we are delighted to have her join the team!

Hollie’s career highlights

  • Producing startup events in Texas which resulted in sharing houmous with an astronaut
    and previous International Space Station Commander!
  • Interviewing Myriam Côté, the Director of AI for Humanity at MILA, and finding out about
    the ‘technology for good’ projects she was working on – truly inspirational.
  • Hosting Yoshua Bengio, one of the three pioneers of Deep Learning and a Turing Award
    Winner, as a speaker at a conference I organised in Canada to much audience acclaim.
  • Assisting on my first International Event in Hong Kong, being thrown into the deep end
    and learning to swim – your first event is certainly one you don’t forget!

Unique fact

I am a Manx Dancer (Celtic dance from the Isle of Man), and love performing at festivals around
the world to learn about different cultures and traditions.

Favourite quote

Maybe, ‘Disregard everything that does not spark joy’ – Marie Kondo

Key strengths

  • Seeing the big picture
  • Resilience
  • Willingness to try new things!

Favourite Instagram account

The toughest question here – a toss up between @influencersinthewild or @iamthirtyaf

The best compliment Hollie has received

“If there was a zombie apocalypse, you’d be my best chance at survival.”