Tom Heřmanovský

Event & Sustainability Coordinator

Tom Heřmanovský

Gilly’s take on Tom

With a passion for the environment, Tom is our first Event and Sustainability Coordinator here at YOURgb. He is highly organised, driven, and resourceful – with an innate enthusiasm for making things happen. He has worked across the sport & leisure, hospitality, and environmental sectors, developing a wide range of versatile skills whilst doing so.

Environmental sustainability is an area that YOURgb are continually working on and investing in, both internally and externally for our clients. Measuring event carbon footprints and researching carbon reduction and offsetting has becoming a staple part of our event process – and Tom is at the heart of this work.  Tom brings such a positive energy, commitment, and enthusiasm to his role, and is always ready to jump head first into the next challenge.


Tom’s Career Highlights

  • Being part of the wonderful TED Team delivering the Countdown Summit 2021
  • Organising the Jaroslav Mraz Memorial, an annual cyclocross competition, for almost a decade. This is where my events journey began, from starting as a helper / steward to becoming an operations and staff coordinator
  • Organising the Edinburgh Climate Festival 2021 and seeing many local communities and organisations coming together to celebrate climate action
  • Having the opportunity to work as Digital Clerk during COP26 in Glasgow

Unique Fact

I used to compete in road and track cycling and I was a member of the Czech national junior team.

Life Motto

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Key Strength

  •  Empathy
  •  Adaptability
  •  Positivity

Favourite Instagram

@discoverearth – Keeping my inner explorer happy

The best compliment Tom has received

“I’ve been so impressed with you and your competence and empathy during this whole process.”

A few of Tom's Projects

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The 43rd TB Macaulay Lecture and Surrounding Events

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