Posted on 8th April 2021 by Emma White


Spring is here, we made it! We got through the dark days, cold nights and the random days of snow.

With the change in season brings more sun light into our life’s and a new outlook for everyone. In Edinburgh, once there is a glimpse of the sun the meadows are full of sun seekers and social media feeds start the pre season to summer.

At YOURgb, we love these longer days and season change so asked the team to see what they are looking forward to this spring.

Finlay Bain, Script Writer & Creative

Spring for me, in the current situation we are all in, is quite literally the light at the end of tunnel. During winter, going outside for a walk/exercise after a day of working from home would just be a stroll in the dark, most likely in the rain/snow. Now things are turning a corner just being able to enjoy a bit a sunshine at the end of a working day is the reward that potentially before the pandemic we were not fully appreciative of.

Activities I am looking forward to (Covid permitting), beer gardens with friends, touch rugby, garden bbq’s and a fishing trip with friends to celebrate my birthday! Covid permitting

Linsey Nicol, Event Coordinator

After months of being told to stay indoors (and also not wanting to go outside because it’s been COLD), I am so happy spring is here. I love the longer, sunnier days, the spring flowers popping up and everyone generally seems a bit happier – maybe it’s the extra vitamin D? My friends and I climbed our first Munro last year and have started again this month, managing three in one day! My calf muscles did not thank me for it, but it felt like such an achievement so I’m looking forward to ‘bagging’ some more this spring.

Emma White, Event Coordinator

One of things I love doing when the weather gets a bit warmer is climbing Munros. I am very much a fair-weather walker and camper (yes, I even camp!) but the times I’ve managed to do it have always been so much fun. The feeling of getting to the top of a Munro and being able to tick it off the list is great, and we’ve always found gems of campsites along the way too. The weather has usually been on side, except one abandoned attempt up Ben Chonzie, but with each one I complete, I find myself more likely to do them in *slightly* worse weather (and by this, I mean a little bit of rain). I can’t wait for Spring and hopefully, being able to bag a few more this year.

Vikki Adamson, Senior Event Producer

I love spring. It comes with a sense of hope – we’ve survived the winter and now the lighter and longer nights are coming and that means good times! At the start of every spring I get a little excited about putting the winter woolies away and bringing out the spring/summer clothes. Far quicker and easier to get out the door! I also love a wander in the daffies and love how they bring a bit of brightness to the garden even if it is still only March!

Karen Hemmati, Event Manager

Spring for me, is a time for family and celebration as in the Persian calendar Naw-Rúz (New Year) marks the start of Spring. Although for the last two years, our celebrations have looked different it is still a special time of year.

Personally, the spring clean for me is definitely on the priority list, take this as your sign to clear out your wardrobe, empty the cupboards and let the fresh air in. You won’t regret it!

Jenny Gibson, Event Coordinator

The idea of springtime gives me a feeling of motivation to get out and about! Over the winter months, hibernation is definitely my way of dealing with the colder weather, so springtime genuinely puts a spring in my step. With the brighter nights, I am able to dust off my running shoes and actually be able to see where I am going. Also, you can’t forget drinking in the sun – what a bonus of springtime!

Gilly Bain, Founder & Director

Spring usually takes me by surprise, as so often winter can feel so long – and then you start to notice the lighter mornings, the flowers starting to bud, and people seem to naturally begin to become a bit more smiley – which is lovely! Spring also means that I can start to go out paddleboarding again – I’m a fair weather paddle boarder and even with a wetsuit, I like to do it with a bit of sun in the sky! That’s what I’m looking forward to most – getting out on the water, in the quiet, and just focusing on balance, breathing and nature – it’s absolutely brilliant for combating stress and it’s a great time to think creatively and positively.

Emily Semple, Team Manager & Senior Event Producer

Spring is the symbol of happy times and family. For those that read my blog last year, you will know how much my family love Easter so it is all about home and being together. Every Spring my grandmother’s garden was full of daffodils so each year it reminds me of her and those sunny crisp days feeding the donkeys.

Being the daughter of a farmer it also signals long days and late nights.. the lambing season brings hard work but so much fun – the arrival of these springy little babies is just so joyous to see and be part of.

Flora Munro, Event & Communications Manager

Seeing the first snowdrops then daffodils peeping their way through is a sure that spring is in the air which make me feel excited for the lighter months to come. More day light means longer days and for me there’s no better feeling than putting my trainers on after work and going for an evening run in the countryside with a bit of Beyonce blaring in my ears. When I’m not feeling so energetic, springtime also heralds in the hope of boozy picnics and afterwork G&T’s in beer gardens.

Now you have heard from us, we would love to hear what you are looking forward to this Spring time?