Content Creation

Content Creation

The biggest challenge with online events is engaging and retaining audience without the energetic atmosphere that is experienced during in-person events. In online events, a huge part of this engagement is reliant on content and how it is delivered. Mixing pre- recorded content with live-streaming sessions can create the perfect balance for online events and if produced properly can create and maintain genuine audience engagement.

YOURgb can handle all pre-production creative needs. We will design and create imagery, titles, graphics and GIFs to ensure the event has a look and feel to be proud of!

Copy and scriptwriting is another key element to ensure any campaign copy and speaker content is as slick as it can be.

Defining the story and narrative of an event is key for audience engagement. What is said, and how it is said, must infuse with the brand story to ensure all event goals are achieved.

Content Creation includes:

  • Pre-recorded Content / Stings / Intro Slides and VT Creation
  • Presentation Design
  • Animation & Motion Graphics
  • Copy, Script Writing & Content Planning
  • Lower Thirds, Widgets & Tickers