Event Design

Event Design

Event design covers what the event is, how it works, what is experienced and how it is communicated – and it is what we explore at the beginning of the event process, in order for each element to inform the event activity, identity and general look and feel.

From computer generated image (CGI) production, to mood boarding, and free hand sketches – we create a story board vision for the events that we work on – and we have a proven track record in delivering exactly what we visualise for, and with, our clients.

Our concepts include any number of items, depending on the event – including event identity, theming, furniture, stage design, lighting concepts, entertainment & talent, storyboards. It’s our job to clearly communicate our shared vision – to ensure that expectations are aligned and delivered upon in detail.

Event design also focuses on the décor, style and aesthetics of an event. It is about turning a vision into a reality. Event planning provides the logistics, while event design involves the creative visualisation.

Event Design includes:

  • Mood Boarding
  • Event Space Sketching & CGI Production
  • To Scale Space Plan
  • Marketing Materials
  • Digital Illustration
  • Data Visualisation / Infographics
  • Document Layout