Event Strategy

Event Strategy

Event strategy plays a big part in securing return on investment via the events you deliver.

Our job is to understand the company / brand goals and key performance indicators – and we translate these needs into an event strategy that delivers. Be it a one off event, a series of events, a mix of event types and partnerships and sponsorship activation – we deliver a 360 degree approach that ensures that each decision taken supports the company or brand’s objectives, mission statement, culture and personality.

It’s all about understanding the ‘why’ of each element of work that we do. YOURgb meticulously plan each step of strategy execution to ensure our events achieve cut through and make a lasting impression. We are passionate about understanding a brand’s bigger picture thinking, their drivers, general mission and target audiences – and we excel in translating these into live and online events.

We’ve got every stage of the campaign journey covered!

Event Strategy includes:

  • Brand Research & Target Demographic Research
  • Key Messaging Compilation
  • Partnership Scoping & Sponsorship Brokering
  • Attendee Communications Planning & Management
  • Website Design and Guest Registration Drivers
  • Event Design Planning & Execution
  • Experiential Campaign Planning & Marketing
  • Event Flow Design, Content and Timings Plan (including Storyboarding)
  • Post Event Reporting and Evaluation