Onsite Management

Onsite Management

The slick and safe delivery of an event is the responsibility of our on-site team. Our event managers at YOURgb are experienced, as well as personable, with a dedicated and caring approach – we are in the business of executing our events with perfection being our base point.

Every brand or company wants to leave an imprint on the guests attending their live events. From the moment a guest arrives on- site to the moment they leave, YOURgb aims to wow them at every touch point through expertly executed on-site event management.

The YOURgb team will take every stress out of the event for you and your company, or brand. Our team of Event Managers, Production Managers, Talent Managers, Press Managers and Social Media Managers are all there to ensure the event runs smoothly and professionally. Our approach is audience centric, and our objective is to deliver experiences that make a lasting impression.

Onsite Management includes:

  • Event and Production Managers
  • VIP and Talent Managers
  • Press Managers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Hosts and Hostesses
  • Field Marketing Teams
  • Bar Teams
  • Photography and Videography Crew