Technical Production

Technical Production

Technical production covers an array of elements in the world of events – be that live and in-person, or online.

YOURgb can take full responsibility for the creative execution of an event, taking into account stage and set-design, delegate communications, sound design, lighting, video and editing, creative design, live production show calling, script writing – and any immersive, interactive or sensory elements of activations that can make an impact on audience engagement, atmosphere, mood, and emotional connection.

Essentially anything an audience experiences – anything they see, hear, feel or touch, will be impacted upon and influenced by creative and safe tech production.

Unforgettable moments and brand experiences are more often than not brought to life via production delivery, and we are specialists in this field.

Technical Production includes:

  • Production Running Orders
  • Stage and Set Design
  • Audio Visual Design & Management
  • Sensory Experience Design
  • Scripting & Show Calling
  • Videography & Photography