Online Events

Online Events

We are online event experts.

We have worked with a wide range of clients on a number of online events over the past 10 years, our online event solutions are ready, tested and trusted by our clients.

From concept creation, brand identity, story boarding, scripting, pre-recorded content management and video production, to motion graphics, voice overs, talent management, website build, ticketing, sponsor activation and audience comms planning, we will oversee every element of the process – right the way through to the live instudio broadcast transmissions, live stream or webinar.

A well-executed online event can engage with audiences in a brilliantly unexpected way. Our job is to work with our clients to deliver on demographic and brand research and build robust event strategies that create genuine connections with their remote audiences, all the while ensuring client goals and KPIs are met.

We make it our mission to stay at the forefront of what is possible in this field, an ever-changing virtual landscape, with more and more choice becoming available and a progression to hybrid underway. It’s our job to know what’s what – and deliver the best possible experiences with a creative and bold approach.

We work to understand client/brand drivers, target audiences and what makes them tick – and we infuse our experience in terms of what works best, to reach objectives, exceed expectations, and ensure the online events that we create inform, entertain and engage your audience, and make a lasting impression.

Online Event Services

Event Strategy

  • Brand Research & Target Demographic Research
  • Key Messaging Compilation
  • Partnership Scoping & Sponsorship Brokering
  • Attendee Communications Planning & Management
  • Website Design & Guest Registration Drivers
  • Event Design Planning & Execution
  • Experiential Campaign Planning & Marketing
  • Event Flow Design, Content & Timings Plan (including Storyboarding)
  • Post Event Reporting & Evaluation

Live Production

  • Live Streaming Testing & Management
  • Live Studio Broadcast HD Transmission Testing & Management
  • Host & Speaker Briefings
  • Guest Experience Management
  • Live Event Management
  • Moderator/Host Management & Cueing
  • Live Polling, Translation & Q&A Management
  • Live Social Media Posting
  • Breakout-room Allocation / Syndicate Rotation Management
  • Live Technical Management & Trouble Shooting


  • Guest Speaker & Talent Sourcing & Management
  • Breakout Session / Workshops Planning
  • Feedback Form Creation
  • Sponsor ROI Strategy & Implementation
  • E-invitation Design & Creation

Content Creation

  • Pre-recorded Content / Stings / Intro Slides & VT Creation
  • Presentation Design
  • Animation & Motion Graphics
  • Copy, Script Writing & Content Planning
  • Lower Thirds, Widgets & Tickers

Post Events

  • Branding Pick-Ups & Logistics
  • Feedback & Results Gathering Analysis
  • Post-Event Comms
  • Recorded Session Edit & Overview VT Creation
  • Goodie Bag Creation & Distribution
  • Post Event Evaluation Report

Pay It Forward

We operate with ambition and empathy in equal measure. For every single event that we create, we pay it forward by supporting a charity chosen by the team. Through our work, so far we have made a difference to those living within vulnerable communities in the UK, Cambodia, Australia, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Malawi and Indonesia…