Press Release & Press Conference Management

Press Release & Press Conference Management

Communicating with an audience has never been more important and speaking with an audience directly or indirectly through the media takes careful, clever and at times quirky thinking.

At YOURgb, we can manage all of regional and international PR needs including campaign planning, message creation, media relations, press release management and success management. We leave no stone unturned in striving to catch the imagination of the media, so they talk about our clients in the right way with the right audiences.

YOURgb are also experienced in organising and managing on-site or online large scale press conferences and photo calls.

Services include:

  • PR Plan Compilation
  • Press Release Compilation & Distribution
  • End to end Design & Delivery of Live & Hybrid Press Conferences
  • Guest Comms
  • Media Management
  • Press Kit Compilation
  • Ongoing Media Relations
  • Reactive and Proactive Press Office Management
  • Pick Up Reporting