Posted on 6th January 2020 by Emily Semple


2020. TWENTY TWENTY. Let that sink in for a minute…It feels like yesterday that we were all hanging bunting from the lampposts, investing in some seriously snazzy back garden Catherine Wheels and hosting almighty street parties to celebrate the millennium year – HOW was that twenty years ago?

Looking at 2020 and our events calendar for the year ahead, it seems like we’ve got a lot to get excited about. From brand activations, bartender engagement programmes, charity galas and corporate conferences, we’re excited for all that 2020 has to offer to far!

We all know that a busy work life sometimes means that we let some all-important personal workplace goals slip. Therefore, the YOURgb team used our first day back to set some New Year’s resolutions to make sure we all invest in ourselves, prioritise some workplace TLC and look after one another throughout the year – after all, at YOURgb, we know that a happy team means happy clients!

Some of our YOURgb resolutions include:

  • “Attend more networking events to build strong relationships with my industry peers, gain knowledge from other creatives in Edinburgh and the UK and help broaden my own personal network” – Karen Hemmati, Event Manager

  • “Start creating my daily to-do list the evening before, to reset after a busy day and to get a head start on the day ahead” – Jenny Gibson, Event Administrator

  • “Be more sustainable in everything I do. From my lunch choices, to event suppliers – I’m going to make a conscious effort to go the extra mile and increase my green credentials” – Emily Cuthbert, Event Producer & Team Manager

  • “Start going for a lunchtime walk – at least once a week – to help reset for the afternoon ahead. Research shows that at least 20 minutes outside a day helps productivity and creativity in the workplace so I will definitely be taking advantage of that!” – Gilly Bain, Director

  • “Take the time to develop my graphic design skills through workshops, online training courses and lots of practice!” – Lisa Mouette, Event Assistant

We hope our workplace New Year’s resolutions will inspire you to create some of your own!

Keep an eye on our social channels for a glimpse at some of the exciting things YOURgb has coming up this year.